Rheometer Haake Mars 2

The Haake Mars 2 is a highly flexible advanced air suspended modular rheometer system which provides high precision and meets the most demanding requirements in research and development. The rotational viscometer can be equipped with several measurement geometries and is tempered with a peltier-cell coupled with a thermostat. Due to that the Haake Mars 2 is able to characterise various fluids from low viscosity up to shear thinning fluids. Furthermore the Rheometer can be used for the characterization of powder. Different methods of measurement are available: For instance controlled stress (CS), controlled rate (CR), creep recovery, controlled deformation, CS- and CD-Oscillation and multiwave investigations.

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Robert Mau

Measurement range: 1 ... 1.000.000 mPas
Temperature range: -40 ... 200 °C
Pressure range: 1 ... 100 bar
Torque: 0,05 μNm ... 200 mNm
Angular resolution: 0,012 μrad
Speed Controlled Rate: 0,00001 ... 1500 1/min
Speed Control Stress: 0,0000001 ... 1500 1/min
Frequency range: 0,00001 ... 100 Hz
Multi Wave: 0,01 ... 20 Hz
Normal force: 0,01 ... 50 N
Normal force resolution: 0,001 N