Experimental and numerical methods for flow analysis in centifluidic systems of allergy diagnostics


Centifluidic systems in the field of diagnostics and medical technology often have to be considered on the system level due to their complexity. Only on this level the overall behavior of the system, consisting of interactions of different physical effects, can be described. The rapid test system for allergy diagnostics (FastCheckPOC 20), developed by the company DST and successfully established on the market, has so far only been applied by means of a complex manual test procedure. The goal of this project was the development of a concept for the automated execution of the various work steps. Based on current problems of the project partner in the development of the automated implementation concerning the flow behavior in a submodule of the test execution, the reagent module, the work within this project is concentrated on the modeling, numerical simulation and experimental analysis of the fluid dynamics in the reagent module. New geometric approaches for the channel structure in the reagent module were developed. On the basis of these approaches, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is used to carry out several parameter and filling studies with different channel depths and volume flows, and then validate them. The insights gained about the flow behavior are directly incorporated into the development of the automated test execution.

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Manuel Dethloff