Laser processing

Ultrashort laser pulses (USP) in the mikro precessing plant Kugler


The use of ultrashort laser pulses (USP) allows the athermal tratment of almost all materials, even of extremely hard dielectrics such as diamond, sapphire, SiC ceramics and highly inflammable media. Due to the high reproducibility, the possibility of extremely fine material processing as well as the minimal thermal damage to the workpieces, a wide range of applications with a high scientific as well as economic interest is obtained.

A USP laser manufactured by AFS GmbH, Jena is integrated in the micro processing plant of the manufacturer Kugler GmbH, Salem. The combination of an air-bearing 5-axle system on the heavily cushioned, solid portal made of granite and a marking speed of the scan system intelliSCANse 14 from the manufacturer Scanlab AG, Puchheim of up to 6 m / s enable a highly accurate and rapid processing of the workpieces.



Contact: Dr.-Ing. Georg Schnell

Typ: UFFL_60_200_1030_300_SHG
Wellenlänge: 1030 nm (IR), 515 nm (Grün)
Frequenz (REP-Rate): 150 kHz - 18,6 MHz
Pulsdauer: 300 fs - 20 ps
Pulsleistung PP: 400 MW
Leistung: bis zu 60 W
Pulsenergie: 200 µJ