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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Uta Matzmohr

technical staff


After completion of the 10th class and a traineeship as a biology lab assistant Uta Matzmohr studied veterinary medicine with the specialization of laboratory diagnostics at the Engineering School for Veterinary Medicine in Rostock. In 1983 she graduated as a veterinary engineer. After completing her studies, she worked at the University of Rostock, Faculty of Animal Production, in the Department of Veterinary Medicine from 1983 to 1992. One focus of her work was the cooperation in the field of research "Superovulation of cattle". She prepared the ovaries histologically and assessed them. In teaching, she conducted seminars on the anatomy of domestic animals and was active in dissection courses. Uta Matzmohr joined the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technology, Chair of Process Engineering and Biotechnology in 1992 with the reorganization of the faculties at the University of Rostock. The main focus in teaching was on the implementation of "microbiological internships" and in research, among others studies on wastewater treatment, microorganism studies and fermentation experiments. Since October 2015, Uta Matzmohr has been working as a test engineer in a professorship for Microfluidics.