Bioscaffolder BS 3.3

The Bioscaffolder BS 3.3 from GeSIM enables processing of various materials in bioscaffolding and bioprinting. Due to its high modularity, it allows research in different areas, from the realisation of microfluidic systems to tissue engineering. The BS 3.3 can control up to 4 print heads, either pneumatically or with drop-on-demand print heads. At the Chair of Microfluidics, the BS 3.3 is particularly used in the production of in-vitro meat substitutes and in the processing of stem cells.


  • 4 modular printheads
  • Pneumatic extrusion of biomaterials
  • Drop-on-Demand printhead for precision dosing
  • UV-modul
  • Temperature rang 4-250°C

The European Union financially supports the device Bioscaffolder BS 3.3 from the company GeSIM within the framework of the EFRE program.


Contact Person: Christian Polley, M.Sc.