The ExAm255 from AIM 3D GmbH is based on the CEM process (composite extrusion modeling) and uses standard feedstocks for the additive manufacturing of plastic, metal and ceramic parts. These low-cost and widely available feedstocks used in powder injection molding (PIM) are a mixture of a polymer blend and metal powder (MIM, metal injection moulding) or ceramic powder (CIM, ceramic injection moulding). The feedstock is melted in a heated nozzle and applied as a continuous filament in layers on a building platform. The calculation of the trajectory is done in a software (slicer) based on CAD data before the building process starts. After a layer is finished, the building platform is lowered by one layer thickness and the printing process for the next layer starts. The additive manufactured components (green parts) resulting from the forming process are converted into pure metal or ceramic components by post-processing steps (debinding and sintering).

The printer is funded by Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (funding period 2014-2020)

Technical parameters

  • two heated extruders with max. 400°C nozzle temperature
  • heated print bed (255 x 255 x 255mm) with max. 120 ° C print bed temperature
  • Layer thickness: 25 μm - 1 mm
  • print speed: 0-250 mm/s

Contact: Dipl-Ing. Philip Töllner; Tim Dreier M.Sc.