The EvisionTec Vector 3SP 3D printer enables for precise 3D printing of parts made of photopolymers. The device combines a stereolithographic process with a digital light processing (DLP) process.  Simplified: an energetic light source (Laser or UV-LED) cures a liquid photopolymer selectively, layer by layer up to the desired part. There is an additional chamber for building of small parts with high precision. The process allows for high surface quality in comparison to other 3D printing processes. Additionally there is a UV Curing Oven for post curing of the 3D-printed parts. 

The Department of Microfluidics uses the device for rapid prototyping as well as for material research.

The device is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Technical parameters:

  • Construction space Vector 3SP: 300 x 200 x 275 mm
  • Construction space MIC-18-1001: 140 x 79 x 100 mm
  • XYZ Resolution : 25 µm bis 150 µm

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Robert Mau; Christian Polley M.Sc.


Basic Unit VECTOR 3SP
Accessory MIC-18-1001
UV light curing oven