Laboratory Kneader

Brabender Plastograph EC Plus + Laboratory/ Measuring Kneader 50 EHT

The Brabender Plastograph EC Plus supplies the driving energy for the Laboratory/ Measuring Kneader 50 EHT. It contains the direct torque measuring system, records and controls the various parameters such as mass temperature, operating temperature, speed and pressure for the measuring kneader. Furthermore, the Plastograph EC Plus with 6 connections for temperature control and pressure measurement can be used for a single or twin screw extruder (compounder). Due to its modular design, the plastograph offers the possibility of mounting one and the same drive unit for several measuring attachments.

The kneader 50 EHT is used for the discontinuous production of homogenous mixtures of polymers, metallic or ceramic materials by kneading. The raw material is fed into the heated kneader from above and homogenized in the kneading chamber by specially shaped kneading shovels. In general, 3 different shovel geometries can be used:

  • roller shovel for thermoplastics
  • cam shovel for elastomers, rubber
  • sigma shovel for PVC dry blends.

The plastograph with the laboratory/ measuring kneater of the company BRABENDER is financially supported by the European Regional Development Fund (2014-2020).



Technical data

speed range plastograph 0,2 - 150 min-1
power plastograph 3,8 kW
  roller: 200 Nm
torque kneader max. cam: 200 Nm
  sigma: 50 Nm
operating temperature kneader RT - 500 °C
speed ratio kneader  
powered : rotating shovel 2 : 3
kneading chamber volume roller: ca. 55 cm³
(depending on the cam: ca. 80 cm³
shovel geometry) sigma: ca. 85 cm³
Laboratory Kneader