Density -and sound velocity measurement

For a highly accurate density and sound velocity measurement the density and sound velocity meter DSA 5000 M from Anton Paar is available. The processing is performed in only one measurement sequence by automaticly determining the measured variables via a sample filling unit with a peristaltic pump. Moreover, concentration determinations of ethanol and sugar can be conducted as well.

Contact: Alexander Riess M.Sc.

Range Density 0 ... 3 g/cm³
Sound velocity 1000 ... 2000 m/s
Temperature 0 ... 70 °C
Pressure 0 .... 10bar
Accuracy Density 0,000005 g/cm³
Sound velocity 0,5 m/s
Concentration 0,01 ... 0,1 %
Sample volume   3 ml
Time measurement per sample   1 ... 4 min