Contact angle measuring system Dataphysics OCA 40 Micro

With the contact angle measuring instrument OCA 40 Micro from the Company DataPhysics the Chair of Fluid Technology and microfluidics has an advanced analyzer for the characterization of fluids and material surfaces. It can be used for the automatic measurement and evaluation of static and dynamic contact angles according to the generalized length - height method for drop-on- fiber arrangement , the static and dynamic contact angle of microscopic objects by the sessile drop method and the automatic determination of the surface free energy of solids and their components. Measurements of a suspended droplet according to the pendant drop method are also possible. The contact angle measuring instrument is equipped with both an electronic multiple dosing with appropriate exhaust ventilation and a high-speed camera. In addition, the device offers the possibility of micro drip dosing, sample temperature and of electrowetting measurement. Measurements are possible in the inclined plane by an electronic rocker. For measurements of contact angles between two fluids, the device is equipped with an appropriate glass cuvette . An electronic syringe module for the use of disposable dosing cannula allows analysis with hard -to-clean samples such as resins or the like.

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Robert Mau

Max. sample dimensions (LxWxH) 195 x ∞ x 70 mm
Sample table dimensions: 100 x 100 mm
Positioning resolution: ± 0,005 mm in the sample plane
± 0,005 mm perpendicular to the sample plane
Measuring range for contact angles 0...180°
(± 0,1° measuring precision of the video system)
Surface/interfacial tension: 0,01...2000 mN/m
(resolution: min. ± 0,05 mN/m)
Temperature range: -10...400°C
Metering unit: ES Picodrop 15 pl...1000 nl
Optics: 7-fold zoom lens with integrated fine focus (± 4 mm)
Mikro lens 20-fold with 7.5 ... 55-fold magnification
1/2“ standard camera 0.85 x 0.64...0.116 x 0.087 mm