Nanoscale-dosing system

The Nano-Plotter 2.1 by GeSiM is capable of non-contact microdispensing of sub-nanoliter volumes down to picoliter volumes. Its piezoelectrically operating micropipettes, manufactured by silicon micromachining, are able to process samples of different composition (including proteins, detergents, solvents and suspensions of small particles). Very small drops of the samples are placed onto various surfaces. Also the mixing of samples into pre-filled cavities of the pipettes is possible.
The nanoplotter is funded by the European Regional Development Fonds.

Contact:Dipl.-Ing. Robert Mau

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Technical Data:

Inkjet module Nano Tip Pico Tip
Dosage volume ~400 pl ~60 pl
Reproducibility (1000 droplets) <2% <2%
Viscosity limit 20 mPas 5 mPas
Specials heatable heatable