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Nada Abroug, M.Sc.

scientific assistant


Nada Abroug finished a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering with a numerical and experimental study of a ventricular-assist device (VAD) as a thesis. Towards the end of her bachelor studies, Mrs. Abroug had a short internship at Fraunhofer IGP and continued working there as a student assistant where she gained first-hand practices mainly in CAD and reverse engineering. Simultaneously she was carrying out her bachelor thesis and was active as a student assistant at the institute of turbo-machinery at the university of Rostock.

From there on, she proceeded to master studies in mechanical engineering with focus on fluid mechanics and turbo-machinery, during which she worked as a research assistant in the field of blood flow and damage in VADs and technical systems and advanced her experience in CFD. In 2021, she accomplished her master thesis in the field of rotor dynamics.

Working on blood flow and blood damage emphasized her enthusiasm for the medical and biomedical domains. Nada Abroug is currently engaged in the research of electrical and mechanical stimulation of hyaline cartilage at the chair of Microfluidics.