Tensiometer Lauda TD1C


For the determination of surface and interface tension of liquids the tensiometer TD1C by the company Lauda is available. The TD 1 C model works with du Noüy ring and Wilhelmy plate according to international standards (DIN 53124, ISO 304, ASTM D971). Furthermore, the density of bodies according to the Archimedes' principle is possible.

Contact: Christian Polley M.Sc.

Surface/interfacial tension: < 300 mN/m (Ring) / < 999 mN/m (Platte)
Accuracy: < 0,1 mN/m
Densitometry: < 2000 g/l
Accuracy: < 1 g/l
Weight measurement: < 5000 mg
Accuracy: < 1 mg