Joint project CatHEA

The AiF-funded CatHEA project ("Metal-supported membrane electrode units with high-entropy alloy cathodes for alkaline polymer membrane water electrolysis") is being carried out in collaboration with the Chair of Materials Science / University of Rostock, Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology Greifswald and Center for Fuel Cell Technology Duisburg.

The overall objective of this project is the production of a functional prototype of a low-cost, precious metal-free, high-performance membrane electrode unit for alkaline electrolysis.

Within the scope of the subproject, various high-entropy alloys (HEA) will be prepared by mechanical alloying at the Chair of Microfluidics and characterized using various investigation methods such as X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy and spectroscopy. The focus is on HEA alloys which are suitable for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). If necessary, the HEA alloys will be adapted and further developed in consultation with the collaborative partners for better suitability in the overall project objective.

With the help of the Field Assisted Sintering Technology (FAST) / Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) process located at the University of Rostock, the HEA alloys with different sample diameters (10 - 100 mm) will be sintered. The sintered HEA samples are then used for further use as targets for the physical vapour deposition (PVD) process.

Contact: Alexander Ahrend M.Sc.

Project Coordinator: Dr. rer. nat. Abdullah Riaz

Duration: 11/2022 – 06/2024

Founding: AiF – Forschungsnetzwerk Mittelstand, IGF - Industrielle Gemeinschaftsforschung

Cooperation: Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology e.V. (INP Greifswald), Center for Fuel Cell Technology GmbH (ZBT Duisburg)

Design and functionality of a FAST/SPS system
HEA alloy