Completed dissertations

Dr.-Ing. Christoph Drobek, Design, simulation and validation of an apparatus for applying high shear loads to cells in suspension, 2019

Dr.-Ing. Christian Polzin, Establishment of new material systems in a powder binder 3D printing process, 2018

Dr.-Ing. Philipp Drescher, New sintering strategy to optimize the productivity of the electron beam melting process, 2017

Dr.-Ing. Vincent Morrison, Reduction of the pressure and volume flow pulsation of micropumps by means of optimized gears, 2016

Dr.-Ing. Jörn Henning, Design of a cell colonization chamber for intraoperative vitalization of tissue replacement materials, 2016

Dr.-Ing. Mark Vehse, Micro stereolithography system based on a linearly movable diode laser, 2014

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Spath, Influence of the particle size of granules on their processing in the 3D printing process and the nature of 3D printed implant ceramics, 2014

Dr.-Ing. Arnd Sommerfeld, Drive concepts for miniaturized pumps, 2009