Mario Thürling M.Sc.

Scientific assistant

Mario Thürling studied engineering sciene with a focus on fluid mechanics as well as numerics and simulation at the Technical University of Berlin. He completed his internship at the Laboratory for Biofluid Mechanics at the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, where he also wrote his bachelor thesis on the topic of "Investigating the concept of a catheter jet pump to improve venous hemodynamics in fontan patients". In order to investigate the fluid mechanical properties of this artificial vascular junction, he carried out numerical flow simulations (CFD) using STAR-CCM+ as well as experimental investigations.
In addition to his master's degree, he worked as a student assistant at the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Technical Acoustics (ISTA) on the experimental investigation of aerodynamic models in the deep-water towing tank, also among others on the subject of dynamic flow separation and active flow control. He completed his master thesis about "The effect of surface waves and development of measurement procedures in a large water towing tank" in the department of experimental fluid mechanics.

Since May 2020, Mario has been working as a research assistant at the Chair of Microfluidics. As part of the joint research project funded by the Ministry of Economics, Construction and Tourism for the development of technologies for the activation and clinical application of tissues and cells for the treatment of chronic wounds (Actiheal), Mario is working on the development and flow optimization of a module for photo and plasma modulation of stem cell suspensions.



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Mario Thürling

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