Benjamin Eichler

Technical employee

Benjamin Eichler completed his training as a construction mechanic specializing in welding technology at Liebherr MCCtec Rostock GmbH and then worked there as a steel fitter in pipe boom construction.

In July 2019, Mr. Eichler successfully completed his further training as a state-certified technician in the field of machine technology with a focus on construction. Afterwards, Mr. Eichler worked as a laboratory technician at Cortronik GmbH in Warnemünde. The focus of his work was metallography and microscopy on a wide variety of materials, preparation and implementation of tests or measurements on stents as well as material samples and the documentation of test results.

Benjamin Eichler has been employed as a technical employee at the Chair of Microfluidics since January 2021.


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Benjamin Eichler
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