Electrolytical plasma polishing of inner tube surfaces

Plasma polishing is an innovative surface finishing process protected by patents of plasotec GmbH. While the polishing of exterior surfaces can be regarded as state of the art and is already in industrial use, the internal polishing of components with plasma is still a major problem. The foundation stone was already laid in the growth core of Centifluidic Technologies (BMBF) to polish straight tube inner surfaces. With a newly established test facility, the University of Rostock and plasotec GmbH were able to demonstrate the suitability of the process for polishing inner surfaces of straight tubes. It has already been shown that the roughness of the inner surface can be significantly reduced. However, the machine technology used up to now is only suitable for processing straight and relatively short tube sections. The aim of the research project (BMWi) is the internal polishing of bent metal fittings by means of plasma.

Bearbeiter:Dipl.-Phys. Matthias Cornelsen

Förderung: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi)

Laufzeit: 01/ 2015 - 06/ 2017