Development of a novel, automated process for nanostructuring injection molds with significantly improved demolding behavior using robot-guided fs ultrashort pulse lasers

The aim of the project is to develop a novel process for nano- and microstructuring of injection molding tools using ultrashort pulse lasers. The structuring in addition to superhydrophobic wetting behavior of the machined surfaces is intended to improve the demolding behavior of injection-molded components, thereby reducing scrap and decreasing maintenance and cleaning cycles. For the automated structuring of tools, a robot-guided ultrashort pulse laser is to be developed in collaboration with Robot-Technology GmbH, which, in conjunction with intelligent trajectory control and a 3D scanner control principle, can structure complex, three-dimensional tools with high precision under optimum accessibility. Newly developed gating systems and structured venting channels with self-cleaning properties to reduce clogging result in high-quality injection molds with increased lifetime.


Responsible for the project: Dipl.-Ing. Robert Thomas

Funding: German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

Project duration: 05/2021-08/2023

Cooperation partners: ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY GmbH, EBS Werkzeugbau GmbH