Regenerative implants for the musculoskeletal system


The aim of this project is the in vivo study and application of individual implants for the replacement of bone tissue and cartilage as well as the combination of both. The newly developed materials, based on polymers and inductive matrix (e.g. 3-D printed calcium phosphate scaffolds) are biologically tested for an appropriate support structure and appropriate methods of cell seeding. The final objective is to improve animal testing to the extent that a clinical trial for the treatment of patients and thus the resulting marketing can be prepared.

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Spath


Funded by: Bavarian Research Foundation, München
Status: Associated partner
Project director: Experimental Surgery and Regenerative Medicine, Surgical Clinic of LMU Munich
Duration: 03/2006 - 02/2009
Cooperation: Ear–Nose–Throat clinic and outpatient clinic, TU München
Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Regensburg
Friedrich-Baur-Forschungsinstitut für Biomaterialien (FBI)
Hightech-Forschungs-Zentrum, TU München
polyMaterials AG, Kaufbeuren
PreSens - Precision Sensing GmbH, Regensburg
Tutogen Medical GmbH, Neunkirchen
KL Technik GmbH, Krailing